Future Komfort provides a full range of consultancy services to help our clients achieve certified passive house and Low Energy buildings. We can also provide assistance and guidance on improving both products and components to Passive House standard regardless of your experience or background within this sector.

We are able to fit into a project at any stage however being appointed as part of the design team at an early is the most ideal situation as this allows us to design towards Passive House or Low Energy standards from the very outset of the project avoiding the potential for additional costs and timely delays.

We have so far worked with a diverse range of clients involved in both the private and commercial sector including private clients, private companies, kit manufacturers, local councils, Housing associations, universities and colleges helping them achieve their Passive House project goals.

If you have a Passive House or Low Energy project that you would like assistance with or you are interested to get some advice or guidance about what is possible please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Consultancy Service Requirements:

To help speed things up and get your project moving there are a few items we would like to see either before or during our first meeting. These will allow us to understand your project and what you are hoping to achieve as well as helping us to enhance our consultancy service. These include:

  • Drawings (Floor plans, elevations, sections and details)
  • Specification of materials and products
  • Design brief or an idea of what you want or need
  • Outline of services to be used
  • Pictures of the site (for North, East, South and West)
  • Site address and postcode

Contact Us

For more information please contact us on:

T: 0845 5199 372