Future Komfort provide a full range of architecture and design services for people who would like to cut out the middle men, increase the efficiency of their construction project and go straight to the source for Passive House expertise.

Here at Future Komfort we have the skills and knowledge required to take your project from conception through to completion. Applications for planning permission and building warrant are completed with the Passive House criteria given the foremost consideration at every stage.

If you would like to build your very own Passive House/Low Energy building or have a plot of land and need help getting the project of the ground please contact our office to set up a meeting to discuss your project further. The first meeting is free of charge and we are always interested to hear from people who would like to build, live or work in a Passive House building.

Architectural design service requirements:

Architectural design service requirements:

To help speed things up and get your project moving there are a few items we would like to see either before or during our first meeting, if these are available of course. These will allow us to understand what you are looking for and also help us to enhance our design service. These include:

  • Drawings (at any level from sketched on a napkin to produced in professional software)
  • Specification of materials and products
  • Design brief or an idea of what you want or need
  • Budget available for design and build (including a contingency)
  • Location details of your plot (If you have one)
  • An idea of timescale, when you would like to move in to your building

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For more information please contact us on:

T: 0845 5199 372