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A Passive House is a building that is designed and constructed to a strict set of criteria to ensure maximum comfort with minimum overall energy consumption. The building fabric is detailed in such a way that heat loss is reduced to an absolute minimum, whilst heat gains are maximised. As a result, conventional heating systems can be removed and space heating can sufficiently be supplied through passive sources such as body heat and the sun.

A Passive House takes the fabric first approach to design and construction. The reduced energy consumption of 85% compared to conventional buildings is achieved by an enhanced building fabric which combines super insulated floor slab, walls and roof, superior air-tightness, thermal bridge free design, quality approved Passive House windows and doors along with a quality approved Passive House mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR) which will recover 95% of the buildings internal heat gains.

It is observed that a Passive House in the U.K. can cost from 8-15% more than a conventional building. These additional costs come through the upgraded building envelope and mechanical ventilation system. However, over the lifecycle of the Passive House this increase in capital costs is eclipsed by the dramatic savings made due to reduced energy consumption and the almost non-existent heating bills. Construction costs will of course continue to reduce as the U.K.’s construction sector experience grows.

At Future Komfort we can help you to achieve Passive House Certification with all types of buildings. The intention to build a Passive House and seek certification must be established at the outset of a project. The process of planning and detailing a building to Passive House Standard demands consideration of the Passive House requirements at every stage of the design.

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