The Passive House Institute (PHI)

The Passive House Institute (or PHI) was founded in 1996 by the concepts co-creator Professor Wolfgang Feist. Based in Darmstadt, Germany the institute have developed the Passive House Standard through extensive research and monitoring of thousands of Passive House projects.

The success of the Passive House Standard in Europe has been, in part, due to the expert guidance and certification schemes lead by the PHI, and also, thanks to the backing of the EU and respected professional institutions that have embraced the Standard. European projects such as CEPHEUS (Cost Efficient Passive Houses as European Standards) and PEP (Promotion of European Passive Houses) have been launched to assess the potential of the Passive House Standard with regards to providing affordable low energy homes, as standard, across Europe. These projects have been very successful and have played a large role in the development and progression of Passive House.

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