Pressure Testing (Air-tightness)

The pressure test result for any building is very important as this will have a big impact on how the building performs and how much energy may or may not be lost due to gaps in the construction.

For Passive House and Low Energy buildings the air-tightness result is crucial as it will determine whether or not they will be able to achieve their energy performance targets.

We offer this service in partnership with Stuart King architecture. Stuart King Architecture are accredited by the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) to provide air tightness services for the domestic market. This accreditation complies with Part L1 England and Wales Building Regulations and now also Scotland. Commercial testing may also be available dependant on volume.

Through this partnership we are able to offer a range of Air-tightness testing options which will help you meet your requirements throughout any project.

Pressure Test Services Include:

Design Reviews: A comprehensive review carried out by experienced air tightness consultants who study and comment on the relevant drawn details.

Design Workshops: A simple but effective method for interrogating the air tightness strategy and key drawn details in the presence of relevant members of the project team onsite.

Pre-Test Inspections: An inspection, prior to the test, carried out by our air tightness consultants who scrutinise the 'air barrier' details throughout the building and record all observations to be conveyed in a detailed, illustrated report.

Sample Area or ‘Comfort’ Testing: A 'dress-rehearsal' air permeability test carried out on a representative area to give an indication of how the whole building will perform and what the key air leakage issues will be.

Final Acceptance Air Leakage Testing: The final test includes all necessary building envelope calculations and is carried out using multi-point testing methods to ensure an even pressure distribution and, thus, reliable results. In large, complex buildings, this approach, along with our ability to depressurise the building, can be vitally important.

Post-Test Leakage Diagnosis: As required if a building fails to achieve the target permeability rate upon testing, SKAD technicians generally employ localised, internal smoke testing methods to identify the main air leakage areas and the remedial works required. All findings can be presented in an illustrated report.

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